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League Rules

Author: Dave Essex, 13/10/12

Each player should read and know these rules



1. Teams to consist of a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 12.

An unlimited number can be registered

2. Each match to consist of 1 triple, (1 leg of 901) 5 single games, (best of 3 legs of

501) 2 doubles games (1 leg of 701)

Each game is straight on, double finish

3. Nearest the bull at the start of 1st and 3rd legs to see who throws first.

If the first player throws a 25, the dart must be taken out. If the second player throws a 25 they are considered equal and the players throw again.

If the first player throws a Bull, the dart must be taken out. If the second player throws a Bull, they are considered equal and the players throw again.

4. Matches are to start no later than 8-45pm. The draw is to be made by 8-30pm. Reserves are to be named at the start of the draw and can be substituted up to 9pm. After this time all games must be played as drawn.

5. No player can change their opponent once the draw has been made.

6. All games to be played. Player short in the singles game and the leg will be forfeited. One player short in the doubles and the leg can be played with the person playing on their own, only having one throw to their opponents 2.

7. Winning team receives 2 points, and if the match is drawn each team receives 1 point.

8. If teams are equal on points at the end of the season, the outcome will be decided on legs won. If level on legs a play-off will decide the outcome. If a play-off is not practicable, the League will provide two sets of winners trophies and the teams will be joint holders of the shield.

9. All results to be in the hands of the secretary no later than the Monday after the match. Winning teams are responsible for sending in the result card on time. Failing to do so may result in teams losing their points for the match. In the

Event of a drawn match the home team are responsible for sending in the result card.

10. No player may change teams during the season once they have played, without a Committee ruling. (A,B,C,D, sides count as separate teams)

11. NO GAME CAN BE CANCELLED unless through extreme circumstances, i.e., bad weather or bereavement. In the event of a forfeit teams must notify their opponents AND the League Secretary as soon as possible.

12. Minimum throw is 7ft 6 ins, and the bull shall be centred at 5ft 8 ins from the ground. To ensure that players can throw without hindrance, any raised oche at the 7ft 9 ins mark should be removed before the game

13. Dartboards should be in good condition and adequately lit.

14. The use of electronic scoreboards is limited to those that display the last 5 scores on each side. If this is not possible, an alternative method of scoring may be requested by either team.

15. Any complaints arising from matches must be put in writing to the League Secretary., within 7 days of the event. Team Captains are responsible for the conduct of their players and supporters. Any serious conduct by the team or individuals will result in expulsion from the League.

The League will adopt a three strike policy for disciplinary actions on complaints upheld by the Committee. This being;

1st Offence - A written warning will be issued

2nd Offence - 6 points will be deducted from the team total


16. Team Captains must only sign the result card after the match and when all results and highest scores and finishes have been recorded. All high scores and finishes must be checked with the opposing team.

17. Captain?s can pick their double pairings, the pairings are then drawn out as normal.

18. Late Cup results will automatically result in the winning side being drawn away from home in the next round

19. If a team forfeits 2 matches they may be contacted by the League to question their commitment

20. Teams not fulfilling all their fixtures without reasonable cause will have to lodge a deposit of £20 plus the normal entry fee for any subsequent season. The deposit will be returned if the fixtures are completed satisfactorily in the subsequent season.

21. Players can only be signed on and play on the night if a team is short. You must phone and tell the League Secretary the name if you require them to play on the night. Otherwise you must give 7 days notice to play the new player.

New players are not to be registered after the halfway point of the season, unless the team is in danger of folding

22. Teams new and old will be placed in the Divisions at the Committee?s discretion, accorded to team?s perceived ability. This also applies to teams moving pubs.

23. League entry fee is £30 for each season

Entry fee for singles knock-out is £2 and doubles and triples are £3

24. Triples knock-out format is 1 triple x 901, 1 double x 701 and if necessary 1 single x 501. Straight on, double finish.

25. Cup Rules. 5 singles, 3 legs of 501, all legs count. 2 doubles, 3 legs x 501, all legs count. Therefore best of 21 legs. One competition for Premier and Division 1 teams and a separate competition for Divisions 2, 3 and if participating 4

26. 180?s and 100 plus finishes, scored in the cups will not count in the end of season tally

27. If a team fails to complete it?s season, all it?s results are deleted from the relevant league table, even if it dropped out after the halfway stage.

28. If a team forfeit a game the score will be given as 8-0 to their opponents

29. Minimum age for young players is 14. Teams with young players should get permission from the landlord for them to be allowed in the pub or club, and, if allowed should be responsible for their behaviour.

30. Any person responsible for any misbehaviour, at the Labour Club likely to bring the League into disrepute, will be automatically banned from the League

31. Participants in League Competitions, i.e. singles, doubles and triples must be registered with a team

32. Any proposed rule changes or items wishing to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting must be handed to the secretary in writing at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting

33. There will be a Divisional Singles Competition. Each division will have it?s own singles knockout, and champion, all played on the same night at the Labour Club

34. All member teams must send at least one entry to all competitions at the Labour Club. i.e. singles, pairs, triples and divisional singles.

Failure to comply with this rule will mean enforcement of the league?s three strike policy (See main Rules)

35. Penalty for playing an un-registered player - Minus 2 points and game awarded to opposition

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